How do you navigate major transitions and times of change?


For some reason, there’s been this misconception that creating internal change and shifting your life is different than other more tangible things like losing weight, changing your diet, or learning a new skill.
We try to be more spiritual, get in shape, get our diet on par… and then go out to face the world and still, despair and discouragement hit.

There seems to be this prevailing myth that as long as I become a better person, meditate, eat well, and exercise, then everything in my life will just fall into place.


What’s that all about?


Maybe… you’re still having problems in your relationship.

Maybe… you just can’t get through to your kids.

Maybe… you have set the same goal time and time again, and you just can’t figure out why you always seem to fall short.

Or maybe, just maybe… you have this aching sense deep down that there is more to life.

Believe it or not, all of this causes unnecessary stress. It’s only recently that modern medicine is truly starting to label stress as the destructive force it is.

According to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, upwards of 80 percent of all physical visits to primary care physicians today are for stress-related issues.

What ?! I know, that was a jaw dropper for me too.


What if at the core, we are just suffering from unresolved pain, dreams given up, and wishes unfulfilled… the stress of dissatisfaction.


Hi I’m Jeff Agostinelli and 11 years ago, I started on the path of natural health, you know, raw foods, green juice, yoga, meditation… I had it all dialed in. The food, the exercise, my morning ritual, but you know what… eventually, it all just seemed like a whole bunch of work. Sure, my health was really great, I felt amazing, I could quite literally contest with most professional athletes.

BUT… there was still something missing.

As my first “career”, I was a live in private chef where I prepared meals for people to help them heal naturally through food and lifestyle changes. Most of them were so far along in a diagnosed illness and food and lifestyle was their last straw. Some people got well and to be utterly and completely honest, several months after I cooked for them, some of them passed away 🙁

You might be wondering… “What got you into cooking to help people “heal”?

My cousin in law was diagnosed with prostate cancer, a pretty advanced case too. I was actually studying for my medical school entrance exam at the time, so I was on the path to western medicine. My cousin started cooking a Macrobiotic diet for him and what the doctor touted as the final months of his life turned into still being around 11 plus years later.


Once I saw there was another way to “heal” I was hooked.


After the whole live in chef thing, and seeing many people get well, BUT others still suffer, I knew there had to be more to it.

It may seem clear as day now, but it didn’t really click then. I noticed that no matter how well people ate, no matter how much they focused on detox, exercise, diet, etc…  there was still more. Over the years I saw so many people get well by using just natural foods and lifestyle, but there was still those who no matter what they tried, they still suffered.

Now, let me get one thing straight… All that stuff is MASSIVELY important, and essential really. BUT… it’s not everything.

Naturally, I got curious… If diet and lifestyle wasn’t everything, then what is the missing piece, what is that keystone, that one thing that anchors everything into place? That was when I started to discover how our thoughts, words, and actions influence our reality.

I dove in with both feet and went full tilt into all things personal development. I literally felt like I just uncovered the best kept secret in the world and I could see everything as code. It was like I just jumped into the matrix!

This changed everything!

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by CHANGE.Jim Rohn

I instantly shifted gears and turned my attention to consciousness technologies, the power of language, life coaching, mindset work… you name it, I tested it.

Helping people heal their mind and emotions AND focus on their health was my new obsession. And this continued for the next 8 years.


Fast forward to now-ish…


In 2015 I started The Next Level podcast so I could talk to all the industry leaders about what it really took to take your life to the next level. A year and a half and 70 episodes later, there is clearly a fundamental difference between staying in the same place and wanting to change, and actually creating change.


Looking back now, it all seems so obvious, but like almost everything else, it wasn’t until I focused on the common denominator in all these situations, and applied the right formula that everything started to change…

Do you know what that common denominator was?


You’ve likely heard it before… change you first, focus on yourself, not the other person or people involved, but what does that actually mean?

That means, taking a cold hard look at your life and assessing what is actually going on, and then setting the stage to create change AND following through. Sounds simple right?


Then why haven’t things changed?


Sometimes it’s tough to point out the things you do on a regular basis that are NOT helping you get to where you want to go in life, and all that’s really needed is a shift in perspective.

Now, this isn’t for everyone…

You may still be in a place where it’s really hard to even start to take 100% responsibility for your own actions and the life that sits before you now. And you know what… that’s totally okay. We all have our own journey in life and there is definitely a perfect time for everything.

I also like to see this whole 100% responsibility thing as an aim, DEFINITELY not the end all be all goal. Because the universe is co-creative, there are always other factors at work. BUT we can all own our own part.

This can be one of the most challenging things to train, but once you see how simple it can be, you’ll wonder why no one ever showed you this before.

This is for you if…

  • You’ve given this a shot by yourself and you’re clear, you just can’t go at this alone.
  • You’re tired of giving it everything you’ve got and not seeing any results.
  • You have that sense of something better, but you just can’t put your finger on it.
  • You find yourself banging your head against the wall because your a smart person and you should be able to “figure it out”
  • You still have faith that your dreams are possible.
  • You’ve tried to practice taking 100% responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions, but still just can’t figure out how to make it produce results.

Believe me, I definitely don’t have it all figured out. I’m still alive and I still have more to learn. I think we all do. What I do know is I’ve been there. I’ve been in the loop of wondering if this will ever end. If magically things will just get better, and you know what, good news… wait for it… things will get better, but there is no magic necessary.

We’ve all got that next level calling us in one way or another. All that’s required is a willingness to look at what’s true and be committed to find resolve and take that next step.

One on one coaching is no joke. It’s real, it’s intimate, it’s raw. We’ll work together to find out what got you to where you are today and create the bridge for you to get to your next level. Our time together will include weekly calls, assignments, powerful distinctions, practical tools, and so much more.

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