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040: Bridging The Gap Between Technology and Emotional Intelligence with Josh Trent

In the age of the quantified self, it’s becoming more and more common to track the number of steps we walk in a day, our sleep habits, and so much more!

Josh Trent is a podcast host and wellness coach at His vision is to empower greater wellness in over one million lives through technology and emotion.

I love where Josh is going with this conversation and how to utilize technology to amplify your wellness results. Through his podcast, Wellness Force Radio, Josh has gathered 73 powerful episodes packed with inspiration and insight on creating change and all things wellness.

We dive into topics like

  • Emotional intelligence and getting out of our own way
  • Monitoring and tracking habits, behaviors, and health stats with technology
  • How tracking your progress can get you more excited to stick with healthy habits
  • Quantified self technologies
  • What types of people do well with devices that measure and track progress
  • The benefits of tracking sleep
  • Navigating our emotions
  • How emotional intelligence is built over the course of time
  • What apps and technology to use to boost your emotional intelligence
  • The difference between human emotion and technology
  • The practice of behavior change
  • Moving through the seasons of life
  • The connection between emotion and behavior change

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“Do the thing and you will have the power.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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