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012: The Truth About Youth Entrepreneurship and Business Fundamentals with Scott Gerber

Today my guest Scott Gerber bring his no-nonsense approach to business.

Scott Gerber is the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of over one thousand of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. He is the author of the bestselling book, Never Get a “Real” Job, and has been widely recognized as the world’s most syndicated columnist on the subject of entrepreneurship with columns that regularly appear on TIME, CNBC, The Atlantic, Mashable, Entrepreneur, and The Next Web. He is also a commentator on MSNBC, Fox Business and CNN, the host of Inc. Magazine’s Founders Forum and the Executive Producer of Forbes. Scott has been a keynote speaker at dozens of colleges and conferences, as well as the White House, and has rung the NASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell.

Scott dives into topics like

  • Scott’s ah ha moment that came and launched his “global movement to solve youth unemployment”
  • The birth of the Young Entrepreneurs council
  • Starting with a point of passion and interest
  • The developmental challenges of entrepreneurship
  • The mistake of getting caught in analysis paralysis
  • Just getting up and doing it
  • Advice for the 99% of business owners
  • The difference between creating sound businesses and sound naratives
  • The VC gravy train mistake
  • It’s a fallacy that youth entrepreneurship is on the rise
  • Where Scott would start a business right now if he were to jump into any industry
  • Defining generation Y and talking with them, not at them
  • Taking a more worldly view of what your product actually does
  • Does your brand truly need to target generation Y
  • The importance of actually talking to your customers
  • Filling the needs that your audience has and constantly reinventing yourself
  • Being a cross-generational product is a rare thing
  • Identify where the real need is
  • Learning about your audience and communicating with them where they are
  • Just being human
  • Relating back to yourself as if you were the customer
  • Always go back to… what is your goal
  • A lot of times, the problem is in the product, not the marketing
  • Creating value and action being the result

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