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130: Staying Centered, Tending To Your Personal Vibration, And Living In Your Home Frequency with Penney Peirce

It’s pretty tough to deny the fact that we are influenced by unseen forces, energies and frequencies that we can’t fully explain or describe from the rational mind. Frequencies, energy, and even emotion are an experience.

Giving more attention to how we feel and tending to our personal vibration and choosing to come from what Penney calls our home frequency is what I would consider a direct translation of what it means to be your authentic self, or that eternal aspect of you.

Penney Peirce was on the show at episode 120 to talk about her book Transparency and this particular stage in the Transformation process. Today we are going to come back around to understand another one of the stages of transformation through Penney’s book Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration.

Penney unpacks and builds some powerful distinctions in here to help us understand what frequency is, different ways to regulate our personal vibration (especially in social situations where we may “assume” the frequency of others), and the importance of finding our home frequency and center.

Through mindfulness practices, meditation, and directing our attention, just to name a few, we can start to bring our awareness to more subtle levels of energy and tap into things like intuition, creativity, and even more peaceful states.

The desire for people seeking more meaning in their lives, have more fulfilling careers, and searching for a deeper purpose are just a few of the ways this desire to integrate the physical and the spiritual are starting to not only emerge, but be the norm.

Penney’s Bio

Penney Peirce is a respected clairvoyant empath, visionary, author, and popular lecturer and trainer. She is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement, specializing in intuition development, inner energy dynamics, expanded perception, transformation, and dream work. She has worked throughout the US, Europe, Japan, South America, and South Africa since 1977, coaching business and government leaders, psychologists, scientists, celebrities, and those on a spiritual path about the hidden dynamics of what makes for true success.

She is the author of ten books, including Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity, Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention, Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration, and The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • How energy and consciousness works and what is happening on the planet
  • The difference between your personal vibration and your home frequency
  • How we tend to frequency match other people in social situations
  • What makes our moods and energy levels swing and how to get more centered
  • Some ways we can start to familiarize ourselves with our home frequency
  • What you can do to strengthen your sense of self
  • Where Frequency and Transparency come together
  • Understanding natural joy and your conditioned feeling habits
  • Clearing clutter, fear and polarizations in the body and what that can do for ability to remain centered
  • What you pay attention to will materialize
  • What Frequency looks like in a business setting
  • Formulating new questions from a more expanded level of awareness

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